I just do not know where to begin!  The weekend was absolutely wonderful!  I really did not know what to expect out of the weekend and OMGOSH, it was a wonderful, beautiful, and refreshing thing!  I absolutely enjoyed every minute of the weekend from beginning to end!  Scott was the best family support volunteer EVER!  He carried my bags, helped at meals, looked after Aaron so we could have quiet time together, took TONS of pictures for me, and was just a HUGE support!!!  I never would have known he was a rookie if he didn’t tell us!  He was the B*E*S*T!!!!!!  Your staff and all of the volunteers were just so helpful, caring, loving, and giving.  The kitchen staff and the chef were awesome!  The food was delicious and the even better part was being able to walk away from the mess…that is a “REAL” vacation!!!  YOU are a SUPERSTAR!!!!  The love you have for families with special needs shows and the care and concern you have comes through in your actions and your personality.  I am so thankful that I asked questions about the Deliver the Dream family weekend at our last MS seminar!  WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!  The new friends we have made will make our journey in the life of MS much easier…we are going to do it together!  I LOVE ALL OF YOU…we ARE FAMILY!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…especially for the scrapbook!!  I can’t wait to scrap my photos…I have over 200 to get in my book!!!!!


I am very thankful for the Deliver the Dream organization and all of the people that partner to make this DREAM come true!!!!



Be blessed~
With love~