Dear Christie, Rebecca, Brittany and of course….Paul,


There are no words to properly describe the magic experienced this weekend at the Retreat.  There were so many hallmark moments that will be forever imprinted in my heart;  seeing Randee eat her meals in a timely fashion and with purpose, seeing her stand up from her wheelchair on day one to ‘shake her booty’ with the rest of us in the circle, seeing her ‘want’ to wake up early, seeing her at the dance party, seeing her being accepted by everybody there, seeing her laugh and smile all weekend long, seeing her cry when I said we were going home and so much more. 

And then of course there was Jack….oh my god…he shared his true feelings, he laughed, he bonded and he was….oh so very, very happy.


I owe these experiences to each one of YOU!  I was nervous about going to the Retreat for many reasons and just like that, with your encouraging words and beautiful smiles, I let go of my issues and opened my heart to receive.  I watched how each of you connected with the families.  I watched how each of you transitioned from project to project without a hitch. I watched how each of you always smiled and never judged.  For families experiencing challenges or disabilities, these attributes that you generously show, mean more than you could ever imagine.  It’s because of people like you, that make families like mine, feel so welcomed and so very grateful.


Without a doubt – Christie Galeano, Rebecca Hahessy, Brittany Camper, my friend Paul Withrow and Deliver the Dream, will forever be in my heart and soul. 


From our hearts to yours….


Linda, Randee & Jack