Thank you all for all you do for our special kids.

Deliver the Dream is absolutely the very best, most loving, most giving organization.   You don't just give to the kid but to the entire family.  Thank you so much.

Our kids dad (Bob) was taken to hospital via rescue unit yesterday afternoon....  thought we had lost him;  very scary;  he passed out and was not coming back.....

He is better today;  he had a seizure;  looks like heart is okay and ct scan showed brain is okay too;...  so not a heart attack or stroke......  

He has been without his meds for three weeks and our medical insurance mail order company is not in a rush to supply them.   hopefully they will arrive soon.  am thinking that may have played a part in the situation.

Kids are doing well.   Growing like weeds.   Dakota is recovering from surgery in december.   emily is emily!!!    She is her own self!!!

Bless you guys for all you do for others.   I hope you know how much we appreciate you all not just for our weekend retreat but for everything for all the kids and families.   It really does help to meet other families in similar circumstances.   Gives you a supportive comforting feeling knowing you are not alone or don't have to plow the course all by yourself!!


- Deliver the Dream Family Jacksonville, FL