The Dream the Dream Foundation went so beyond saying they care for the chronically critically ill children and their families;  you all really showed you cared by offering perhaps the most blessed and fun weekend we have had in a long long time.  The volunteers, the students from the southeastern Georgia University, and the staff of dream the dream -- you all really extended yourselves to show love -- real love -- for a bunch of families with kids with varying abilities and disabilities;  wheelchairs, walkers, and those who could walk and run. All the kids in all the families were treated 'special'!  And even the parents were treated so well.   The massage ladies -- oh my goodness!!   We had no idea that was coming!!   Talk about stress relief!!   WOW!!


Just asked dakota (our 17 year old) what he liked best:


Dakota enjoyed playing football,  basketball,  swimming, and the other recreational activities with the kids and the volunteers.  

He enjoyed the movie nights with the older kids;  getting to stay up late was really a treat.  And the volunteers walked him and the other kids back to their rooms.  Parents didn't have to go get them!

He enjoyed bingo (he won a fishing rod, which he proudly has in his bedroom)!!

He says to tell you he really enjoyed eating  (he was not limited in food amounts at breakfast time or for any of the meals).   He does like to eat.

He enjoyed seeing Sebastian again  (we had seen him at spina bifida camp last year and the previous year).   

He made some new friends at the retreat and he was glad the kids were easy to talk to.   He said he learned his sister was not so bad after all!!    Sometimes he resents the attention she gets but he got alot of attention at the retreat and you all made him feel extra special as well!!     


Emily enjoyed making new friends.  It is really difficult for her to make a friend.  Social skills are no so hot!!   But all the kids were loving and accepting and included her in the activities.   She liked the fact that her physical therapist was there.   ...  duh... and I have forgotten her name.  the sweet p.t. lady from wolfson's..  lisa,  elizabeth ?   

She enjoyed being 'one of the gang'  with other kids and she even ate ,  yes,  she ate real food ...  not just G-button nutritional supplements ..    with her friends at the round table.   She liked swimming (even though at first she didn't want to get in the pool) and the games they played inside the gym.  She loved the challenge of maneuvering her wheelchair through the river without getting bit by the creatures in the river.   She said "I didn't even have a bandage"!!  

She learned that other kids have challenges also and they still do the things they need to do.  She enjoyed the special volunteers from the southeast Georgia college and loved Mr. Woods (Forest).   She loved the costume party.   The only thing she didn't like was when it was time to board the bus and return home!!    "Can't we just stay here?"


I think one of the most awesome things about Camp Weed and the Dream the Dream Retreat was the fact that we didn't have to fear strangers.   We could relax (really relax) and not worry about where the kids are or who they are with.  We didn't have to keep an eye out looking for a wandering child.   The smores creation nite was neat also.   Oh,  I forgot to mention the massages!    How did you all know we needed the massage?  I didn't realize how tense those muscles were until the massage ladies worked on us.   Thank you so very much.   That was more than sweet!!


You all are so special.   The retreat was awesome in every way.   You all gave the parents the opportunity to meet each other and share daily challenges we face.   While we think at times we have mountains to cross and may have to move a few boulders to get to the other side,  we have only to look around us and realize how blessed we are.   The sharing times were at times difficult (lots of tissue used to blot the tears) but the release of emotion was sweet and comforting.  And most comforting, perhaps,  is the fact we are not alone. Other families have made it through and we can make it also!  It was encouraging to meet the other parents and grandparents facing the same daily challenges we face (and some even have more obstacles in their lives).   God has so amazingly provided for us and He loves us in spite of the fact that at times we are not very lovable.  I think He let our kids come into our lives to help us appreciate His creation and His awesome provision for our lives.  His love is unconditional.  I am thankful every day for our adopted kids!   They show in tangible ways each day that unconditional love.  They also show us that while it make take abit more effort for some to achieve simple things in life,  that effort is well worth it and just being able to do the things the doctors and specialists all said Our adopted children may be special needs kids but they are very special creations of our God.   They are here for a purpose and we learn so much from them each and every day.  


We get up in the morning saying "This is the day the Lord hath made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it."  And there are times we complain,  but when events like last weekend come around,  it is indeed extra special!!   God is good.   And so are the folks he put on this planet!!    Thank you for being here and making "dream the dream" really happen!!


Love you guys,


Kathy S.