Read a few of our favorite volunteer quotes about the Deliver the Dream Retreat weekends! 




é     These are the kind of opportunities that you hope you never have to be a part of, but are so thankful that you get to!


é     The people I have met on this retreat, families, volunteers and staff have truly changed me.


é     It’s not about you – it’s about the families.


é     You will get more out if it than you even expected.


é     All of the effort put into the weekend pays off – I am walking away with a larger family and new friends.


é     This weekend teaches you there are no boundaries in life and that we all smile in the same language.


é     In my heart there has been so much joy that it is overwhelming.


é     This is a life changing experience. 


é     Every time I come on a retreat I walk away a changed person.


é     I believe this weekend has made a difference in everyone’s life on this retreat.  I know it has for me.


é     Being here has changed my life and has reminded me to live every single second as if it was the last one.


é     Not only is this retreat beneficial for the families but also the volunteers as it makes you think about things differently.


é     There were so many smiles, so much laughter, and the happiness was contagious.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and learned so much about the family dynamics fighting illnesses.


é     The gratitude and energy level I will leave with will last me months.