Amid Numerous Charities Facing Difficult Economic Times,

One Stands Out and Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Deliver the Dream going strong and continuing to help families in need


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.Deliver the Dream (DTD), a South Florida charity that organizes retreats for families experiencing a serious illness or crisis, marks a momentous occasion this July.  Although among the smaller charities in the area, Deliver the Dream continues to make unprecedented growth marking its 100th retreat celebration in July.


Deliver the Dream’s 100th retreat will serve families who have a child with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities. It will be held July 22-24 at the Cerveny Conference Center in Live Oak, Florida. The 100th retreat’s partner will be the University of Florida Jacksonville CARD Center. Deliver the Dream partners with hospitals and non profits throughout the Southeast that refer their families for a Deliver the Dream retreat experience of a lifetime.


Deliver the Dream hosted its first retreat in 2002 and since then has held retreats to help families who have a child or a parent living with illnesses such as Autism, HIV/AIDS, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Sickle Cell and Cancer. It has served more than 4,800 family members throughout the Southeast. A Deliver the Dream retreat helps families enhance coping skills, reduce stress, and cultivate relationships by combining traditional recreational activities like hiking and fishing, with therapeutic workshops, peer-to-peer discussion groups and expressive arts and music activities.  The retreats are provided at no cost to participants.