When you ask me what I do for Deliver the Dream  as a family pal, I could tell you that I play with kids, that I find new ways for their interaction with their peers, that I sit with groups of different aged children to reassure them to smile and try new things such as canoeing, or taking a bite of their s'more. I could tell you that just for the moment, I'm a helping hand for a pause in their life where all we want to do is create happy memories for their families. As a family pal I could tell you that I put myself on stage to sing, horribly.. at karaoke to show my family it is okay to be silly in front of a crowd if you are willing to be a voice in a crowd who will applaud you.

Deliver the Dream however, changes me every time I volunteer because every experience is of its own purpose. When I volunteer I gain a new family from the light sparked of trust and hope - a bond created with the families that open their hearts and share their stories. I could tell you how much fun I have, but truthfully it is life changing joy. One can not express the power of volunteering when all you have to do is create positive change. Families benefit from Deliver the Dream because their world becomes a little brighter, and a volunteer's life changes because you handed them the candle to bring forth some light.

Andrea Isabella Hurtado
Volunteer since 2013