We absolutely love doing what we do here at Deliver the Dream. We feel very special whenever we get good feedback from our retreat families. Here are a few quotes from families that attended a recent retreat:

"I felt like I was with my family but just away from home. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be around people with the same issues as my son and feel comfortable at the same time, and not worry about someone categorizing him as being rude, unruly or bad. I just want to thank all the staff and all of the sponsors or the people behind the scenes who all made this possible. You guys are awesome. And thank you."

"Keep on doing what you do!!! Our family loved this experience and brought us closer together! We met new people and made life long friends and loved the whole weekend. Thank you so much"

"Everything was simply amazing.  I have never had a true break like this in over 10 years and I appreciated every moment. I was able to laugh, let go, have fun and just enjoy myself.  I could not ask for anything more.  I think the entire staff was amazing and are truly gifted with what they do for the entire family."

"We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the amazing experience we had as a family. From individual to family events, we couldn't have asked for a better "stress free" weekend. The DTD staff never made us feel uncomfortable in any way, and were more than accomodating. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :) We are just so thankful we were chosen to be a part of this experience"