Hi There! My name is Sam, I’m new here to the Deliver the Dream Team and couldn’t feel more in the right place than ever before. Not only do I have an incredible team of loving people to work with but, the families that we work to impact are heroes in my mind. Although I was introduced to Deliver the Dream through a series of networking contacts, it seems as though it was fate.

This weekend I will be attending my first retreat with Deliver the Dream and I have to admit there is something slightly scary about that. Of course I am beyond excited to get a true sense of the families we help but nervous about the impact I will make.

Over the last week leading up to the retreat I have sat through orientations and watched videos of the various retreats our organization has put on, each time my eyes well up with tears and I get that “heart so full it could burst” notion deep in my chest. This feeling is a reminder that I am in the right place. How many people in the world are so excited to make that commute in the morning and to feel a sense of pride and hopefulness every day to be able to contribute to changing a person’s life for the better? I certainly can. So this weekend will be the first retreat and surely not the last.