This is my first retreat and after this one I cannot wait for future retreats!  First, I had a great time traveling with Brittany in Birtha to River Ranch.  Everyone had a great time setting up for Artworld.  Everyone is is kind.  I felt like I was hanging with friends I'd already known.  Then I met my awesome roommate FaLana.  We were both family pals to the Brown/ Davis Family.  When we saw them get off the bus we instantly fell in love!  Little Tamira is now my best friend; little Gabriel reminds me of all the energy I used to have as a child and baby Bathscba stole my heart. 

It was fun to watch the family enjoy themselves at the Outdoor Extravaganza.  Overall the weekend has been great!  I know these are memories I will have for life!

 - Imarhia E. {Volunteer}