The weekend of November 9th through 11th we had our retreat for families who have  a child with spina bifida. We all had such a great time together! Here are some thoughts from a few of the families that attended:
"This has been a blessing for our family. We were able to get away, relax as a family, and spend time with people that understand us and our son. For once,, I felt like we were among our own kind of people  and it made us feel great (not needing to explain our son’s medical conditions). We’ve met a lot of wonderful families, volunteers and staff. We will NEVER forget you! Thank you SO much!"
"This event was a dream come true that came at the right moment in our lives. With our everyday struggles, it was great to feel as if our life was “normal” and being around others facing the same struggles helped create that feeling. I hate leaving and realizing we will face the same frustrations when we get home. But we will face them with a new family, new coping skills, and a restful spirit. We will always be thankful."
"I have never been able to leave my three kids (under three) for more than 30 minutes. Our helper volunteers were so wonderful. It was great to know we are not alone and talk in a warm, loving and non-threatening environment. It taught us to laugh, be silly and yes… grieve the small things we have lost in a healthy way. We have made lasting friendships and memories for a lifetime. We were concerned that our kids would be too young to get anything from this. But, we often focus always on the child with special needs and not the rest of the family. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to help us in our time of need. We are forever thankful!"
"This weekend was incredible. Words truly cannot express the gratitude we feel for everything this weekend had to offer. The staff, volunteers, and families made us feel right at home. This weekend has been the most fun we have had since our son has been born! Thank you for the amazing things you have done for our family!"