I am sure many of you have heard those horrific stories of riders being hit by cars of drivers who are not looking both ways or paying attention when they are driving around town. These cases are way too frequent in my opinion and I have come close to being that rider who would have been hit. On many occasions while training I try to stick to sidewalks and quieter trafficked areas but that seems to be the biggest problem. Drivers on their cell phones pulling out of shopping centers roll through stop signs without looking and have come inches from hitting me. My bike does have a high pitched bell to give warning but believe me they can hear some choice words come out of my mouth if this scene takes place.

The worst of all is night time riding. With the summer ending and it getting darker earlier, no matter what time I make it home from work combined with longer rides I am riding when it’s dark out. Make sure you have your bike lit up as well as your body so that it catches the driver’s attention and THEY DON’T HIT YOU! It’s as simple as that. I need to look like a stinking glow stick so I can avoid getting hit by a car.

These are my wise words for you this week and if I survive the rest of my training I hope you will support me and all my life risking efforts!

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