Firstly I hope everyone who was in the line of Hurricane Irma is safe and you were blessed with very little damage to your homes and families.

I can only image what the impact of this storm will have on the SMART Ride considering it is supposed to be a ride from Miami to Key West! I am going to take the advice of Glen Weinzimer (Founder of the Smart Ride) and keep on training. I have not been able to ride in TWO WEEKS, and boy is it going to be tough to jump back into my normal pace but I am going to force myself as usual to make it happen. With that being said I need to plan a little more than I usually do on my riding routes because of debris and damage from the storm affecting the sidewalks, roads and traffic lights.

Too all the other riders our there please be careful! The people on the road are not always paying FULL attention to their surrounding areas and have their own destinations in mind.

If you are still out of work because of power outages, take my advice and get those ugly shorts on and start pedaling away! Take advantage of the time off to exercise, I know I may possibly have a couple extra pounds to shed thanks to our dear friend Irma and her activating my stress eating tendencies! GAHH!!

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