In the midst of the dreaded hurricane season the weather is truly unpredictable. I sometimes take that as a glorious sign that I need a day off, but today was not that day. I planned ahead and scheduled my first ever CycleBar spin class first thing in the morning of a nasty rainy day. I thought that a spin class would be SO EASY compared to being on the road! Well guess what. It’s SO NOT! It was a tough workout but so much fun. The instructor helped me set the bike up to fit me and then we were off! Music pumping through the speakers and the instructors words of encouragement kept all of the riders up to pace. Not only does it work your endurance but as the music changes the instructor coaches  the riders to change their standing and sitting position as well as increase the resistance of the pedals to make it harder. It’s almost like interval training but add in a small weight bar and you will feel the burn all over!

I would highly recommend an extra day like this in your routine, I felt the burn but it made my ride the next day easier!

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