This past week I was fortunate enough to attend our retreat for families with a child with Epilepsy in Haines City, FL. I have been riding pretty consistently again and was worried that if I didn’t bring my bike I would fall out of the routine and struggle when we got back. (Lightbulb turns on!) Of course, I should just bring my bike! And so I did. If anyone who is reading this has been on a retreat, the staff, volunteers and families are go go go from 8 AM to 9:30 PM, thus you are exhausted from a fun filled day and just want to crawl into bed. So my rides were all before the sun came up in the early mornings and boy were they BEAUTIFUL! I would highly encourage anyone who does any traveling for work to take your bike with you and explore the world around you. Not only were the sights breathtaking but there were ACTUALLY HILLS IN FLORIDA! Who Knew?! Needless to say I got my workouts in and it was different than the normal beaten path at home.

Thank you for keeping up with my training, if you believe in me donate to my Smart Ride page below 

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