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Our retreat programs enable families who are experiencing serious illness or crisis to regain strength, mend spirits and just be families and kids again.

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Today is the day to VOTE for Deliver the Dream Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program!

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Deliver the Dream is One of 500 Finalists for Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program

Deliver the Dream is proud to announce we’ve been selected as a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. Now we need your support! Vote for Deliver the Dream at www.facebook.com/toyota Today, August, 12.

Our Deliver the Dream program would be nothing without the rock star volunteers that dedicate their entire weekends to helping out families in need. Our volunteers are paired up with one family and become their "family pal" throughout the entire weekend. They are there to assist parents with smaller children so that parents can have alone time, they play with siblings who at times are unfortunately ignored because the entire family's attention is on the sick child and they make the sick child smile and forget their illness even if it's for just a few days. Our volunteers are truly remarkable!

Every month we rent cars to take volunteers to the different retreat locations throughout Florida. The Toyota vehicle donated to us would allow us to save money on car rentals and transportation expenses and best of all we could transport more volunteers.  The car would also enable us to offer transportation to families who may not have a way of getting to the retreat. Families usually are scared of the unknown when they sign up for a retreat but once they arrive and begin making friends and connections, they never want to leave. It's truly an unforgettable experience for them. As one of our retreat families’ said, "It was awesome to be with other families who have shared the same victories and defeats. These memories will last a lifetime."

In addition to having the opportunity to drive up more volunteers and families to our retreats, the vehicle would be used for our outreach program. We work very hard to get our mission out to the community so that we can let families that are in need know of our program. We also partner with hospitals and other non profit organizations so that they can refer their families to us. Our outreach coordinator travels quite a bit to health fairs and volunteer expos to distribute our information and recruit volunteers.

Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program will award 100 vehicles over the course of 100 days to 100 deserving nonprofit organizations based on votes from the public. A total of 500 finalists were selected based on their application as reviewed by an independent panel of judges who are experts in the fields of philanthropy and social responsibility. They are vying for the opportunity to win a new Toyota vehicle. Winning organizations will use the vehicles to help expand their reach and mission within the community.

Please support Deliver the Dream Today, August, 12.

Voting will take place at www.facebook.com/toyota

Thank you for voting for our video! http://apps.facebook.com/carsforgood/?installed=1  


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